ALL NEW…….Variable Sideswimmer Teaser Spreaderbar …….with multi directional wing


No Outriggers! No Problem


 Unique spreader bar with vane or winged Hummingbird centre grabs water on deployment and swings out to the side of the boat wake. Made from  tough 18′ Titanium 3.5mm bar

Colours may vary depending on the size of the B2 or Bulb.



All our current spreader bars and fixed-wing side swimmer teaser bars are now available on a 7″ hummingbird with a multi-directional wing instead of the usual centre lure or bird/bird with a fixed wing.

The new optional setup can be configured as either port or starboard swimming. With set grooves in the bird and a large 6.5″ x 1.5″ aluminium wing fixed with stainless steel screws, this centrepiece is rock solid and won’t break off easily.

Made from tough 3.5mm Tough Titanium 18″ bar.

Anglers have almost unlimited options to run teasers in clear water off the wake and without outriggers.


7″ B2 Squid

9 “B2 Squid

9″ Bulb Squid

Mean Machine Teaser

Additional information

Teaser Type

7" B2, 9" B2, 9" Bulb Squid, Mean Machine Teaser, Unrigged

Skirt colour

Black/Purple, Blue, Blue/Candy, Green, Lumo, Pearl White, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Blue/ White, Greem/Yellow/Orange, Green/Orange, Rasta, Zucchini


18”, 24”, 36”


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