Beads…..Tri-Beads, Lumo Beads & Clear Beads


Invaluable when it comes to rigging lures

Tri-beads pack of 25 or 50

Lumo beads pack of 10 or 20

Clear Beads pack of 25

Large quantaites are available on reguest

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Available in 25pc or 50pc packs, these beads are perfect as stoppers to rig in your lures to guarantee the perfect hook-set.

Lumo Beads 

 Available in 10pc or 20 pcs packs, these highly luminous beads are perfect placement stoppers for rigging hooks to your favourite lures.

Clear Beads

All purpose clear acrylic beads for your rigging needs    25pc/pack

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Tri-Beads, Lumo, Clear Beads


10, 20, 25, 50


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