Kuziba Squid Lures

The all new Kuziba squid lure series is H2Opro's most versatile lure, with single and double skirted and weighted or unweighted options available. The series has been specifically designed to…

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H2Opro Kamara Wahoo Lure Series

H2Opro have just launched a new series of beautiful Kamara lures which due to their added weight, overall length and sleek profile can be run at higher speeds in order to target one of the most exciting fish to catch – the mighty Wahoo!

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All new Octopus feather lures

Weighted Octopus Feathers (Fat Albie’s) great looking and high performing budget lure Ready to ship Click below to see pricing. BULK ORDERS WELCOMED Www.h2oprolures.com/shop/weighted-trolling-feather-octapus

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