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24" Collapsible Dredge Fully Rigged

24" Collapsible Dredge Fully Rigged

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Fully rigged stainless steel hub/3.5mm diameter titanium bars (24") collapsible dredge rigged with 6x Island Express teasers, 6x 12" double grommet tuna flaps and 13x 9" weighted B2 squid. Gorgeous High tech dredge, extremely durable, folds into a neat package when not deployed. Creates an immense amount of action, imitating a large school of baitfish. Also comes with a nylon/plastic washable bag, teaser towline, 6' of 400lb leader, strong ball bearing snap swivels and a spanner for bolt tightening.

Available in a range of colours: Purple Flash,   Blue/White,   Green/Red/Yellow,    Red/White,   Red/Black

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