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Sideswimmer Teaser Spreaderbar .......with multi directional wing

Sideswimmer Teaser Spreaderbar .......with multi directional wing

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All our current spreader bars and fixed-wing side swimmer teaser bars are now available on a 7" hummingbird with a multi-directional wing instead of the usual centre lure or bird/bird with a fixed wing.

The new optional setup can be configured as either port or starboard swimming. With set grooves in the bird and a large 6.5" x 1.5" aluminium wing fixed with stainless steel screws, this centrepiece is rock solid and won't break off easily.

They are made from a tough 3.5mm Tough Titanium 18" bar.

Anglers have almost unlimited options to run teasers in clear water off the wake and without outriggers.

7" B2 Squid

9 "B2 Squid

9" Bulb Squid

Mean Machine Teaser

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