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B2 Squid

B2 Squid

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Versatile soft plastic bait with a hollow core which can easily be rigged as a lure, strung inline on a daisy chain, rigged onto spreader bars or dredges to imitate an entire school of fleeing baitfish or as a jig by adding weight and hook.

Add an LED light inside to make it flash when used on a deep drop rig.

Available in a variety of colours – all with added glitter for flash:
Pink, Lumo, Green, Purple, Rasta, Blue

Blue, Green, Pink, Rasta, Lumo

Soft plastic GLOW squid suitable for night or deep drop rig fishing (see our range of deep drop rigs for a complete package).

Super Glow, Blue Glitter Glow, Green Glow, Blue/White Glow, Pink Glow

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