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Kamara Whaoo Lures

Kamara Whaoo Lures

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Brand New

12 inch double skirted Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Billfish lure with ultra-hard PVC/Epoxy head and natural or coloured abalone lead-weighted insert.

Total unrigged weight 155 grams.

NEW Colours available :

Deep Blue Sparkle, Rainbow Blue, Orange Blue, Ghost Blue Sparkle, Blue White, Purple Black, Purple Black Orange, Purple Sparkle, Green Red Candy, Lumo, Zucchini Green, Green Chartreuse Orange, Zucchini Chartreuse, Deep Black, Natural Black Orange, Natural Rainbow, Natural Red Black

Rigging options:

2m wire leader and 9/0 big game 7691 hook

2m mono leader and 9/0 big game 7691 hook


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