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Mini Kona......Super and Mirror Jets

Mini Kona......Super and Mirror Jets

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These small, highly affordable lures are designed to imitate small baitfish. Made with high impact plastic heads, light-reflective diamond eyes, and brightly coloured PVC skirts with underlaid tinsel, these are some of our most effective and high-volume selling lures. The concave vented heads create an irresistible smoking action and are sure to create excitement. Line them up in a daisy chain or use them as teasers, bait headers or single lures for highly effective fishing.

Super Jet A: 5” lure with barber pole stripes out of flash tinsel

Mirror Jet B: 4.5” lure with weighted head and diamond eyes

Mirror Jet C: 3.5” lure with diamond eyes

Mirror Jet D: 3” lure with diamond eyes




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