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Slaphappy Daisy Chain

Slaphappy Daisy Chain

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The Slap Happy Daisy Chain is a large daisy chain of B2Squid rigged together with 300lb leader. Each 9″ Squid is rigged with a flexible bar that has 2 smaller 4” squid that slap along on each side of it.

Total of 4 sets of 9″ squid with their smaller cousins, rigged in a daisy chain that really create excitement.
This highly effective game fishing teaser has a skipping, slapping action that looks like a school of flying fish skimming along the surface. Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, you name it – ALL GAMEFISH LOVE THIS TEASER.

Total length is over 2m.
Easy to run and very easy to pull in as there is nothing hard or heavy to damage your boat as it’s dragged over the transom.
The Slap Happy Daisy Chain comes rigged with a heavy-duty ball bearing snap-swivel on which to attach your favourite lure and ready to fish.

Originally designed by Bob Duckenfield of Jim’s Bait & Tackle New Jersey, this style teaser is now world famous and simply deadly.

Also available as single bar teaser.

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