Spreaderbar…..Mean Machine & Hummingbird Mean Machine Bar


Made from rigid 3.5mm Titanium 36″ bar

Spreaderbar with Mean Machine teasers, while the Hummingbird bar adds 5  Birds which give that extra splash and help keep the bar above the water

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There are 4 choices of Spreader Bar:

Mean Machine Teaser Large and Small standard versions,

Mean Machine Teaser Large and small with Hummingbirds.

All bars are complete sets. The standard bars comprise of 11x Mean Machine Teasers, Titanium bar, with 4 sets of brass/chrome barrel swivels and bag. The Hummingbird bar is rigged with 5 Hummingbirds and 6 Mean Machine Teasers. All bars are rigged with 200lb or 300lb mono, beads and aluminum sleeves.

The large bar comes with either a rigged 10/0 hook “stinger” lure or a teaser rigged with a snap swivel.

The small bar comes with either  a rigged 9/0 hook “stinger” lure or a teaser rigged with a snap swivel.


Colorof the skirts options are the same for all bars:

Purple, Green, Pink, Blue, Rainbow, Zucchini, Lumo


Additional information


Hummingbird bar, Standard bar


Large, Small

Skirt colour

Blue, Green, Lumo, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Greem/Yellow/Orange


Stinger Lure, Snap Swivel


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